Welcome to The Digital Urban Intelligence agency. Consciously or subconsciously you’ve probably seen our work before. We help clients develop and execute covert on and offline digital strategies that seamlessly integrate with the activities, interests and opinions of early adopter consumers who are involved and shape the subculture lifestyles of fashion, music, design, film and technology.

Our work is authentic because we are our clients’ target consumers. We are aggregators of “Pop Culture.” Our staff consists of bloggers, lifestyle event promoters, extreme athletes, fashionistas, filmmakers, journalists, music A&R reps, and guerrilla street artists. We bring your idea into focus, amplify, and distribute your message.

We infuse our street knowledge of fashion, music, technology, and youth culture, to create influence in fashion, music, and youth culture.  We infuse accurate data to create uniquely tailored marketing campaigns for each individual client, offering unexpected interactions, creative solutions, and precise executions.