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Brands/Artist require a clear coherent strategy to win.  We understand that a brand is more than a name and symbol. A brand’s identity is created and influenced by people, visuals, culture, style, perception, words, messages, and opinions.

Digital Urban Intelligence Agency offer several branding services based on a client’s needs and objectives. We help clients launch and define their brand, release new products or re-position their brand by using social media listening methods to gain brand insight. Social media is a powerful research tool that delivers real time feedback and insight to a target markets behavior and thought process. We infuse social media data-driven insights into every online/digital interaction, thus personalizing our client’s branding communications aligned customer expectations.

The Digital Urban Intelligence Agency team are experts at executing social media branding methods that establish a significant and differentiated online digital presence that attracts new followers and retains loyal customers.


From strategy to execution, we help make sense of the ever-changing role of social media marketing. Our project managers are at the forefront of defining the expanding role of social media marketing in the direct to fan, label services, and lifestyle marketing industry.

we create content that engages consumers/fans across all social media channels. We help brands/artist small and large get their message to the right audience at the right time through the right channel source. We constantly consult with clients to understand what is relevant to their current and potential customer/fan and then use social media to facilitate conversations that have utility for both.


We identify influencers within key online communities, reach out to them at scale, and inspire them to write about your brand or music.  We have built a large network of influencers across nearly every social media channel including: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Vine, Pinterest and more.

We reach out to influential individuals to organically increase the reach of a clients messages to a specified demographic. Our influencer marketing campaigns blend influential people and social media with our clients message to create deeper authentic trust and awareness of our clients brand or music.  We quantify influencers effectiveness based on quality of media and engagement within their social circles. 

Digital PR / Blog Placements

The rules of media industry has changed with the rise of the internet, social media and blogs. Most traditional public relations firms have not.

We provide communications strategies and media relations development campaigns to help our clients get exposure in the new media environment.  We pitch your brand/artist to our extensive network of online media outlets in an effort secure blog placements.
Unlike traditional journalists who typically take an arms-length neutral position on specific brand, artist or music, many bloggers willingly advocate for brands and artists they like.

Our Digital Intelligence team is constantly monitoring blogs and social media influencers to isolate specific digital media outlets who are  frequently writing about similar brands or artist. Blogger outreach can be more effective than traditional media relations. Because bloggers cover specific topics, they enable brands to target precise demographic groups.

A placement in a blog that specializes on a specific topic guarantees an interested audience. While the audience may be smaller than the traditional publication, the level of interest and trust is far greater – resulting in greater impact.


Web development done right is a combination of true artistic ability and technical know-how.
We design each website with the clients goals in mind. We work with you to identify and setup specific functions and goals to achieve on your website. We develop clean responsive websites for brands, record labels, artist and clothing who would like to establish or extend their web presence.

A fancy website with flashing text and music in the background does nothing for you if your audience doesn’t like it. It does not enhance the user experience if they can’t turn off the music or can’t navigate to your tour dates or event page.

For that exact reason the Digital Urban Intelligence agency’s approach to web development process involves more than just creating a “flashy look & feel.” Our innovative web development team work to create an easy-to-use flowing brand experiences through a mix of WordPress, Jquery, Magento OpenCart, Bootstrap and other open-source technologies. Resulting in Dynamic, responsive, accessible websites, microsites, splash pages, skins and blogs. All of our projects are designed with mobile in mind. We know today, everyone is browsing the web on phones, tablets and eReaders. If your website isn’t responsive to mobile, your brand is missing out on a large percentage of internet traffic. 


Email is still the king for driving response.
eMail remains the single most effective method of driving recurring revenue from existing fans.  It is also a key method for communicating with your most high intent followers.

Our Email Capabilities Include:

  • eMail Service Provider Selection & Implementation
  • eMail Campaign Management & Execution
  • eMail/Fan Acquisition Strategies
  • Responsive eMail Template Design & Development

We design and execute integrated communication strategies using Artist, brand or Label profiles and segmented data to reach the right fan at the right time with the right message. We leverage the role of email within an integrated social communication strategy using automation to message known fans and followers based on a wide variety of online and offline data points.