Digital PR / Media Outreach

The rules of the media industry have changed with the rise of the internet, social media, and blogs. Most traditional public relations firms have not.

We provide communications strategies and media relations development campaigns to help our clients get exposure in the new media environment. We pitch your brand/artist to our extensive network of online media outlets in an effort secure blog placements.
Unlike traditional journalists who typically take an arms-length neutral position on specific brands, artists or music, many bloggers willingly advocate for brands and artists they like.

Our Digital Intelligence team is constantly monitoring blogs and social media influencers to isolate specific digital media outlets that are frequently writing about similar brands or artists. Blogger outreach can be more effective than traditional media relations. Because bloggers cover specific topics, they enable brands to target precise demographic groups.

A placement in a blog that specializes in a specific topic guarantees an interested audience. While the audience may be smaller than the traditional publication, the level of interest and trust is far greater – resulting in a greater impact.