Brand Audit

It’s natural to have blindspots and we can help. Let our expert team do a deep analysis completely custom to you in order to figure what’s holding YOU back and recommend what YOU should do next. How Does The Process Work? Our digital brand audit is a wholistic process that tracks and analyzes your brand and music, improves consistency, and positions you for your next phase of significant growth. Pay and submit your application ​Schedule a call 7+ business days from the date of your application submission at a time that works best for you Between the time we receive your application and your consultation call, we will perform a comprehensive Digital Brand Analysis on you or your artist (if you’re a label/manager) ​Meet with us in a 45-minute 1:1 video chat session where we provide the results, recommendations and collaborate to build unique solutions to drive your brand’s digital growth ​After your call, receive a custom report detailing your areas that need improvements: including a deep analysis of each of your platforms detailing problems to fix and potential opportunities Massive Benefits Control and present a consistent brand and narrative that will help achieve your goals Make it easier for fans, brands, and record label to discover you and what you are about Increase your perceived online value and position yourself for better brand deals Eliminate holes in your digital foundation and strengthen your brand impact Higher conversions on marketing efforts for less money