Human Lightbox Street Team-FAQ

What Is A Walking Billboard?

Walking Billboards are what we refer to as our Mobile Backpack Display Units which are equipped with LED Lights to illuminate the Ad at night and can be viewed from traffic that is going by.  Our Human Billboards can be mobilized to specific places and times according to your requirements. Wherever your customers are!  You can direct our street team to where you want them for maximum effectiveness, places like:

  • Busy Market Streets
  • Product/Music/Movie/Store Launch
  • Mall Activity and Shopping Centers
  • Convention Centers
  • Parties and Festivals
  • Trade Fairs and Concerts
  • Corporate or Family Event
  • For Holiday Promotion

How Effective Are Walking Billboards?

These units have been tested in numerous Markets, Cities, And Promotions, and has been determined that they are a major focal point when any potential consumer is within viewing distance of the unit. What also makes Walking Billboards so effective is that they are used primarily for impulse buying consumers and with the right Ad displayed on the Unit targeting your market and consumers it is possible to generate a substantial amount of traffic compared to the hope and pray method.

Walking Billboards’ biggest advantage is its mobility. Other benefits include:

  • Direct branding and interaction opportunities
  • High impact and brand exposure
  • Effective during grand openings/sales events/product launches
  • Brilliant tool for flyer distribution or product sampling
  • Closer to your target customers and the point-of-sale
  • Suitable for both indoor and indoor promotion
  • Relatively low cost-per-thousand impressions
  • Suitable for local, regional or national campaigns

How Much Does It Cost?

Our Human Lightbox street teams start at an all-in total of $225 = 1 street team member+ 4 hours labor + printed backlit artwork. 

How Much Do Others Charge?

Our competitors are charging as much as $50 an hour, 2 manned units 6 hrs. for $560. So you can see we offer a very reasonable alternative for substantial savings over our competitors.

What Types Of Businesses Benefit From This Type Of Advertising?

The real question is what businesses wouldn’t? This type of advertising is very effective especially for any business that is lacking traffic has or is having a special promotion and would like to maximize sales & awareness. It is perfect for Product Releases, Retail Shops & Stores, Restaurants, Smoke Shops, Dispensaries, Service Industry, Lawyers, Doctors, Tours, Events, Car Dealers, and even Apartments & New Housing Developers.

Where Can These Walking Billboards Advertise?

The possibilities are numerous, such as at the entrance to a shopping center where the anchor store gets the most traffic and maybe your store goes unnoticed. Human Billboards can garner unmatched attention at traffic stoplights or on the corner of busy intersections and freeway off-ramps.  Our Human Billboard can be used to direct traffic to a website or remote location.

Why Would This Be More Effective Than Other Advertising Media?

Because most consumers either conscious or subconscious avoidance or ignorance of advertisements. This is such a unique way of advertising that it truly can’t be avoided or go unnoticed. For example Billboards are there but how many do you really pay attention to, signs that many businesses rely on for traffic just blend in over time, people with the shaker boards you often see advertising specials are becoming common and aren’t as effective, Radio Ads only target certain demographics, Print Ads are almost dead and most are discarded with little notice of any ads that are in there.