Launches CROWDFUNDx Community

business-crowdfunding-platform-500x267 is a social network and business crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs, business’s, start-ups and investors to connect, crowdfund and grow. The platform has suite of tools to allow business owners and investors manage and monitor every stages in the life cycle of a business. Start-ups and small businesses on Crowdfunder can raise funds through contribution-based crowdfunding.  They recently created a online community platform called CROWDFUNDx. CROWDFUNDx is a free and open accelerator for local entrepreneurial ecosystems both online and offline. CROWDFUNDx will engage and spawn communities in cities throughout the US and Internationally to connect start-ups and businesses to investors in local communities through online challenges and live pitch events.


You can roll with the crew in few ways:

 Create Your Company Profile

If you have a business or a start up, you can create a profile for your project on Crowdfunder.

Then You Can:
+ Build Followers for your Company/Project, Invite your network, friends and local community to join your CROWDFUNDx Community and Follow you and your project.

+ Show the world why they need to roll with you, and you got what it takes to make it happen via CROWDFUNDx Challenges.

As part of being down with the CROWDFUNDx Community, you’ll get to enter your Company/Project when they launch their challenges and get the benefits of getting “props” by your entire community online and offline.

+ Create your Crowdfunding Campaign

Leverage the collaborative power and committed support of your local CROWDFUNDx Community. Create your Crowdfunding Campaign, and let your social community put their money where their mouth is and help fund your business or project.

Get Involved or Start your local CROWDFUNDx Commuity Now!

There are active communities already in NYC, LA, MIami, DC, Las Vegas, Utah, Houston, San Francisco, Austin, and Mexico City. If your Hood is not yet on the map, you can indicate your location on your Crowdfunder Company/Project and rally your peoples to do the same. With enough interest and buzz, a CROWDFUNDx Community will be developed near your hood.