Dominic Fike Is Alive & Signed!!

This is crazy. I watched this kid go from Florida Soundcloud rapper to a real uniquely talented artist. I have been listening to his stuff over the last few days when a Vevo discovery video popped up in my feed and reminded me; I ask myself “whatever happened to that dude Dominic Fike?” Dominic was doing his thing on SoundCloud in 2017-2018, he made a name for himself performing a local raging hip hop events. People were buzzing about this dude as he started to emerge out of the mumble rap scene of Florida morphing more into a singer-songwriter. Being a multi-instrumentalist Dominic wrote, played, and produced most of his songs. Around a year ago he dropped a 6 song EP called “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos.“ This 6 song EP caught the ears of A&R’s and label scouts from around the country, and they started calling and courting the young Dominic Fike. Unfortunately, Dominic’s creative genius came with some trying times. Growing up surrounded by negativity, violence and no direction came with problems. So, as the labels and A&Rs were calling Dominic was dealing with family problems, drugs and possible jail time. Dominic was seemingly unconcerned with signing a deal, becoming famous or any of that stuff. The last thing I heard was the Dominic had to turn himself in for jail time and he hadn’t signed with anyone. But his music disappeared off the internet and he was nowhere to be found…. over a year later his video pops up in my timeline, I guess he’s back… and from what I can see he signed with Sony/Columbia. Hopefully, he will live up to his potential.