EMart’s “Sunny Sales” Sun Dial QR Code Campaign.

Shout out to EMart for the Super Creative “Sunny Sales” QR Code campaign.
We here at The DUI Agency are sometimes part of the “Digital Campaign Hater Brigade.” But, we also give props where props are due. EMart is a Korean big box retailer similar to Walmart or K-Mart here in the US. Emart analyzed their sales data and recognized an unfortunate trend.

The Problem:

Sales dramatically dropped off everyday during lunch hours. The marketing team was given the task increasing sales during a specific time of day… 12pm to 1pm to be exact and to do this on a daily basis. Not a simple task to get people you don’t know to do exactly what you want, when you want. Emart did a fantastic job off researching, creating and executing a great Covert Digital Urban marketing campaign.

The Solution:

Creative Assets/Tool “Sun Dial QR Code” The “The Sunny Sales” QR Codes were creatively designed so they could only be scanned when the sunlight hit them between the hours of 12pm and 1pm.
EMart placed QR Codes all over the city of Seoul in highly visible areas near Emart stores and had a clear call to action.

How did the make it only scan-able between 12-1pm…? The QR Codes were actually protruding white boxes and when the sun light hit them between 12pm and 1pm, the shadow that these boxes created revealed a fully scan-able QR Code. (Genius!)

They incentivised consumers to scan the “Sun Dial QR Code” by offering a $12 coupon once the code was scanned. These coupons could be redeemed immediately on their phones, iPads or in store.

The results:

12,000 coupons were scanned during the promotion, Emart membership increased by 58%, and the company succeeded in increasing their in-store sales by 25%.