Instagram/Facebook Advertising


Online advertising levels the playing field between major label and independents.  Online advertising and social media has changes the music industry dramatically over the past 20 years.

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Our online advertising management service is based on 25% of your  Ad Spend, with a minimum Ad spend of $100 per platform. Meaning if you want to run a $100 campaign you will pay $125, If you want to run a $200 campaign you will pay $250.  After your Instagram Facebook Ad management service Payment is received, you will receive an email with a link to schedule a 30-minute consultation call.(a $50 Value.)  On the initial consultation call we will discuss the goals of the campaign, define marketing strategy & do an audit of your audience & social profile.

No password is required. You are able to grant Advertiser access to us without sharing any of your sensitive information. (we will provide you, your manager, or label instructions on how to do this through the Facebook ads manager after ordering) You can disconnect access once the promotion campaigns are done.

We fund all our client campaigns through our Ad Account connected to our credit card, ensuring that you will not be overcharged any overspending.