1-Hour Personal Consultation Call


Our Consultation calls are very informative and value-packed. During our 60 minute call, we audit your social media presence and discuss your goals & expectations. 

We are very, very selective on who we work with. We are only interested in working with artists, labels, and brands that are truly dedicated and committed to the business of music & culture as an independent. We work with artists, labels, and brands who are committed to educating themselves through our consultations.  We understand and work in the ecosystem of the current digital-driven music industry. If you are interested in what the Digital Urban Intelligence Team can do for you, your artist, your label or brand, book a consultation now.

We act as your personal music business guide,  we will educate you on how record labels promote, market, and brand their artist. We will advise you on how to work with the various gatekeepers, tastemakers, and decision-makers that artists often encounter as you promote your music & brand to online and offline distributors/stores, podcasters, bloggers, live performance booking, and playlist promoter DM’s and the 1000’s of other scammers on the internet.

Within 3 days after the call, you will get a PDF document outlining the things and tools we discussed and suggested actions to be taken by you to streamline your marketing efforts.