Big Branding Using Music Marketing


Music is the ultimate connector, the ultimate motivator. Music has been used to gather people together, teach and instruct cultural movements since the beginning of man. It’s been used to summon rain, wage war, announce kings, bury the dead, and announce the passing of a year. Music is A powerful tool. People instinctively have a soulful and emotional connection with music. Now in the modern times Music Marketing is Big, Big Business.

In recent years Brand budgets dedicated to just music marketing have grown into the billions. Brands like Samsung ,Coca-Cola, and Sony spent billions on their music marketing infinitives. Clearly, brands see a profitable upside in creating branded music properties. Brands are getting involved in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago, including launching new releases, running recording studios, nurturing underground talent, making music videos and creating original programming. As more brands develop and market their own lifestyle content, many are turning to music to attract younger target audiences.

Car maker Lincoln revamped its image with a 3-D live performance video, which featured singer Beck performing his interpretation of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision.” UK high end Clothing brand Burberry launched Burberry Acoustic, which highlights the work of emerging British talents through a series of stylish online videos.The Burberry brand also now employs a full-time music team to handle it’s music marketing incentives.

America Express has it’s branded music property “Unstaged.” The American Express’ Branded Content features livestreaming of concert performances by major musical acts. The Jay-Z SXSW performance in 2012 maybe being the most talked about and in my opinion the most creative and innovative campaign; which allowed American Express Card-members can sync their cards with their Twitter accounts for a chance to gain access to the “Amex Sync Show Presenting JAY Z” live for themselves plus a guest, tying social and a live music together, making them work to drive the campaign forward. The “Unstaged” Campaign program, which started in 2010, boasts high-quality production, with the brand bringing in notable directorial talents to shoot the shows. AmEx partners with video platforms Vevo and YouTube on the events, which air on

Nissan and Video platform VEVO partnered to create “Nissan Tracks,” a series that features up-and-coming artists re-imagining popular songs. The clips feature Nissan branding, including a “presented by” text introduction and prominent product placement of the company’s Versa Note model.

Fast food chain Taco Bell has it’s “Feed the Beat” program, which provides budding music performers free restaurant gift cards to help feed them during tours. They also produced a documentary film entitled “Hello Everywhere.” Directed by RSA’s Sam Jones, it chronicles the stories of indie hit band Passion Pit and emerging talent Wildcat! The film was shot during SXSW 2013 and was later released for free on Vevo, which partnered with the brand on the project.

Red Bull has used music to connect with it’s target demo since day one, and are totally committed to music marketing. It has its own music label, Red Bull Records, that works with independent up-and-coming artists like Awolnation and Twin Atlantic on opportunities to partner with other brands and help sync a Red Bull Records track with an ad campaign.

Sneaker footwear brand Converse has it’s campaign “Three Artists, One Song,” which rolled out original tunes performed by a mashup of artists. The first track back in 2008 was “My Drive Thru,” which brought together the artist then called Santogold, Julian Casablancas and Pharrell Williams. The brand also participated in various showcases and events at SXSW.

We Here at Digital Urban Intelligence come from a music background we learned a lot of our basic marketing principles and methodology working at record labels and managing artist. We have seen first hand how emotionally connected and committed to music that fans can be and how it can effect the message and perception of a brand. If you are interested in what bi brands are using music marketing effectively check out these articles below on music marketing.