Back 2 Basics | Today’s Rap Music Game, How to Get Paid in 2015

Back 2 Basics urban networkConference

We at Digital Urban Intelligence are honored to have our co-founder and marketing manager Tim “Time Is Money” Richardson participating in Urban Network Digital’s “Back 2 Basics” Music-Entertainment Conference.

If you are trying to step your music career up or are an industry vet,  you need to be at the “Back 2 Basics” Music-Entertainment Conference. This is the perfect place to soak up knowledge and pick up some tricks of the trade from professionals. there are Dozens of  Panel Sessions scheduled for the 2015 “Back to Basics 2″ Music-Entertainment Conference; covering an array of topics from Music & Tech/Digital Marketing, to this New Era of A&R, the State of Hip-Hop, Gospel and Opportunities for Songwriters & Producers. If you are anywhere on the West Coast and you are not here Then you are not serious about your career. MOE INFO HERE.

Friday June 5th 6pm-7:30pm
Panel 7: Today’s Rap Music Game, How to Get Paid in 2015

Moderator: Justin Hunte, Editor In Chief, Hip-Hop DX