Back 2 Basics | Today’s Rap Music Game, How to Get Paid in 2015

We at Digital Urban Intelligence are honored to have our co-founder and marketing manager Tim “Time Is Money” Richardson participating in Urban Network Digital’s “Back 2 Basics” Music-Entertainment Conference. If you are trying to step your music career up or are an industry vet,  you need to be at the “Back 2 Basics” Music-Entertainment Conference. Read more about Back 2 Basics | Today’s Rap Music Game, How to Get Paid in 2015[…]

Pandora Drops 40 Hour Listening Cap.

“We’re pleased to once again maximize free listening for everyone on Pandora,” founder Tim Westergren declared. Effective immediately, Pandora is now dropping its 40-hour free monthly listening cap on mobile listeners. The caps were implemented a few months back, but Pandora’s Tim Westergren says mobile advertising is getting better, and levers like increased skip restrictions Read more about Pandora Drops 40 Hour Listening Cap.[…] Launches CROWDFUNDx Community is a social network and business crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs, business’s, start-ups and investors to connect, crowdfund and grow. The platform has suite of tools to allow business owners and investors manage and monitor every stages in the life cycle of a business. Start-ups and small businesses on Crowdfunder can raise funds through contribution-based Read more about Launches CROWDFUNDx Community[…]