Back 2 Basics | Today’s Rap Music Game, How to Get Paid in 2015

We at Digital Urban Intelligence are honored to have our co-founder and marketing manager Tim “Time Is Money” Richardson participating in Urban Network Digital’s “Back 2 Basics” Music-Entertainment Conference. If you are trying to step your music career up or are an industry vet,  you need to be at the “Back 2 Basics” Music-Entertainment Conference. Read more about Back 2 Basics | Today’s Rap Music Game, How to Get Paid in 2015[…]

Neil Young Launches PonoMusic Kickstarter Campiagn At SXSW

Neil Young announced  his $400 PonoPlayer portable audio player and the proprietary music download store that goes with it at this years 2014 SXSW.  He will fund the project through a Kickstarter campaign  that began on March 15, according to a press release making the rounds. (looks like the project got funded in one day) Read more about Neil Young Launches PonoMusic Kickstarter Campiagn At SXSW[…]

Snoop Dogg X Comercial.

The first time I saw this commercial was  this morning. I found it totally unexpected, a crazy combination. Who figured that Snoop has influence over the demographic, whom at a glance i figure to be about  80% female, age 34 -55.  But It shows me the power of celebrity.  If you would have asked Read more about Snoop Dogg X Comercial.[…]

Pandora Drops 40 Hour Listening Cap.

“We’re pleased to once again maximize free listening for everyone on Pandora,” founder Tim Westergren declared. Effective immediately, Pandora is now dropping its 40-hour free monthly listening cap on mobile listeners. The caps were implemented a few months back, but Pandora’s Tim Westergren says mobile advertising is getting better, and levers like increased skip restrictions Read more about Pandora Drops 40 Hour Listening Cap.[…]

Goodie Mob X Groupon Album Pre-Sale Release

Goodie Mob will be dropping “Age Against The Machine” their first project in almost a decade (and their first in 14 years with Cee-Lo Green). It’s been a long time since they last released their last album and lots of things have changed since then. Their digital marketing and management team have them on a Read more about Goodie Mob X Groupon Album Pre-Sale Release[…]

Indie Artist Confused By SoundExchange Streaming Statement

Indie Artist Zoe Keating recently posted a statement she received for streaming of her songs. The SoundExchange statement included payouts from other streaming providers, including everything from 8tracks to Spotify. The Statement and numbers seem to be pretty confusing to read. The statement didn’t include the number of streams.  Keating is one of the most Read more about Indie Artist Confused By SoundExchange Streaming Statement[…] Launches CROWDFUNDx Community is a social network and business crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs, business’s, start-ups and investors to connect, crowdfund and grow. The platform has suite of tools to allow business owners and investors manage and monitor every stages in the life cycle of a business. Start-ups and small businesses on Crowdfunder can raise funds through contribution-based Read more about Launches CROWDFUNDx Community[…]